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our garden

Our engaging outdoor garden offers plenty of opportunities to enhance each of the areas of learning: literacy and maths, physical and creative development, personal and social, communication and understanding of the world. A large part of the garden is protected by huge awnings which can be opened in strong sunshine or rain. This allows us to use the garden in all weather conditions!

We have a beautiful custom made wooden home corner where children can pretend to cook with real vegetables and play with mud (loads of fun!), have a garden picnic under an umbrella or make the most of a calm and cosy reading area under a pergola. The garden den is always a popular hiding place where our children feel particularly comfortable chatting with their friends.


Alphabet and magnetic boards help with learning letters and sounds and we use outdoor tables for writing, doing puzzles or building amazing lego or duplo constructions. There is a popular wooden climbing frame based on rubbery tiles for safety. The sensory board is enjoyed by babies in particular.


Children enjoy digging and seeding plants and then observing how well they grow, comparing for instance grass seed rate of growth with that in a plastic bag indoors. They use magnifying glasses to look for worms and insects. For gross motor skills, we use bikes, stepping stones and a number of other resources including a parachute to bring the daily fun and ensure that every child can enjoy the fresh air and is encouraged to be active.

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