fresh food

A balanced diet and fresh meals are very important to the health of every child. We work closely with parents to provide nutritious meals prepared on site, taking into consideration individual dietary requirements, e.g. medical or religion related diets, vegetarian and vegan food. We include breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and 'tea'.

All meals are prepared daily in our modern and well-equipped kitchen and they consist of well-balanced and nutritional combinations of minerals, vitamins and other healthy ingredients, which help to support the growth and development of each child.

Please note that the selection below is an example of regular meals prepared freshly on site. We aim to ensure that children benefit from a well-balanced diet. Some menu ideas are based on recipes of well-known children's chefs like Annabelle Karmel, Jamie Oliver and others.

Special dietary requirements, requested by parents, be it on medical or religious grounds, are taken into account.

Please have a look at the sample of our menu:

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