our rooms

We have five rooms for children aged 0-5 which  provide care to 72 children across the whole nursery: Kangaroos, Tiggers, Robins, Rabbits and 'the wisest' Owls. The nursery's safety is enhanced by a controlled access system and CCTV cameras at the entrance and all the rooms, as well as in the garden area.

Kangaroos' room

The calm and nurturing ambience of our BABY SUITE helps every baby settle quickly and develop into a happy and confident child. It has specially designated baby feeding, sleeping, nappy changing and toilet training areas, as well as a large play area subdivided into zones, as per the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum areas of learning. For instance our babies have a sensory board and treasure baskets,  a ball pool, a reading corner, a creative arts area and construction. All the areas help with the development of speech, personal and social communication and motor skills. Our babies use the garden daily and regularly go out for adventure rides to the park in our Kiddy Bus with highly qualified, experienced and caring staff supporting them every step of the way.

Tiggers' room

Our first toddler room focuses on physical development with a lovely Community Play slide and small climbing steps, as well as stepping stones, tunnels - all widely adored by all the children. It also contains more sensory boards for the development of motor skills as well as exploration of sound and touch. A couple of small toilets and a low level sink help with the vital stage of toilet training and learning about basic hygiene. There is no end of educational activities enhancing speech and language development, basic numeracy, music and movement, art and water/sand play. Noticing every day's progress at this stage of development and how effectively children can communicate both non-verbally and verbally, is most rewarding.

Robins' room

This bright room is perfect for focused activities. The children benefit a lot from being in smaller groups, particularly if they are a bit shy or need additional support with their language development for instance. The activities within the room, which include using an interactive whiteboard, are very conducive to learning and development.

Rabbits' room

Our older toddlers benefit from the continuous provision and a constant access to the garden. In this room the focus on the development of language and communication is even greater with children learning literacy, numeracy, enjoying role plays as well as creative activities. The garden activities include construction, a play den, a reading corner under a pergola, a literacy, numeracy and art corners as well as a bike ride and stepping stone areas protected by awnings and allowing us to use the garden in ALL weather conditions. An attractive mural painted by a professional artist creates a wonderful 3D feeling of the world 'beyond' with all the amazing animals and creatures of the the forest. It is a 100% reliable distraction for all the settlers as there is so much to see and talk about :)

Owls' room

Our oldest children benefit from a very focused preparation for school within a well resourced room. There is a plethora of opportunities which further promote independence, i.e. through self-serving of food, being little helpers or making choices in relation to enjoyable games and learning. Developing writing and reading skills, communication and negotiation skills through role play, ICT skills using our room computer and interactive whiteboard and engaging in plenty of outdoor activities in the garden provide an excellent chance to learn and release boundless energy!