• Grazyna Anna

Millions of neural connections being created every minute...

Did you know that at birth human brain is 25% of its adult weight, by the age of 2 this ratio would have increased to 75% and by the age of 6 – 90% of adult weight?

The Harvard University Research Centre has discovered that over a million new neural connections per second are potentially being created in a baby's brain. The number and quality of those connections, however, depends on the quality of environmental input. If the brain does not receive the right input during early years, some functions may be severely hindered or permanently lost. That is why it is vital to stimulate the brain with the right language and intonation, positive attachment and support, quality and age appropriate activities. Every second counts!

Our nursery staff are regularly trained in how to provide the quality support and stimulate thinking, association, language development through interactive activities and engaging resources.

Stimulating and loving environment is the key!

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